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Bruno was too excited for his jam toast. Today was his Big Day.
Today, Bruno was going for a swim. A swim in the sea - the big blue sea.

Review: "Sue Whiting captures all the excitement of looking forward to experiencing something new, and all the trepidation." Louise Pfanner Junior Books+Publishing

Illawarra Mercury Article

"… This is a sweet, gentle story that explores the theme of fears and overcoming those fears. While it’s a terrific choice for reluctant swimmers, it is also a great pick for young kids who are looking forward to their first summer on the beach. Special mention must be made of Thomas's superb illustrations … she has captured the movement of water to perfection." 

"… We love this one – a perfect book for any child about to have an Australian beach holiday …" 4.6/5
"… sure to be another timeless classic from Walker Books …" Georgie Donaghey 
" …  a superb little slice of summertime fun and perfect to read with pre-schoolers, beach lovers and those still slightly wary of the surf  …" Dimity Powell


A swim in the sea

Illustrated by Meredith Thomas
Ages 3-7 Hardback.
253 mm x 277mm, 32pp
Walker Books Australia
ISBN: 978 1 921150 49 4

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It's great fun pretending to be a firefighter - zooming through the playground in pretend fire engines, putting out imaginary fires. It is even more exciting when a real fire engine with real live firefighters on board arrive for a surprise visit!

Out now.


“Opening with a lovely celebration of imaginative play, The Firefighters follows a group of small children deeply involved in a pretend game of rushing to put out a shop fire. Vivid and highly effective pictures and text successfully communicate the energy and excitement of the game … It’s not only hugely enjoyable but a very useful introduction to fire safety for pre and early schoolers. Highly recommended for three to five years and an absolute must for preschool libraries.” (4 ½ stars!!!) - Reviewed by Jenny Gorman, bookseller, Megalong Books, NSW in Australian Bookseller & Publisher, Thorpe-Bowker, a division of R R Bowker LLC. © Copyright 2008,

The Firefighters
Illustrated by Donna Rawlins
Ages 4 - 7   Hardback
230 x 270mm,  32pp
Walker Books Australia

ISBN: 9781921150296

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“…This gorgeous picture book offering serves the dual functions of teaching about fire safety and the role of firefighters, and highlighting the fun of imaginative play. It would be a great classroom tool for fire safety lessons, but is equally just a fun read for home or school. The illustrations, by award winning illustrator
Donna Rawlins are in bold acrylics with plenty of red and yellow, matching the bright red endpapers.
Sue Whiting is an exciting writer, creating stories which kids want to read, and which adults enjoy sharing.
An excellent offering.”
-Reviewed by Sally Murphy

“This is a cheerful participatory readaloud, with plenty of sounds … Highly recommended for both enjoyment and instruction, for up to about seven years.” Reviewed by Robin Morrow, Magpies, Vol 23. Issue 2, May 2008.

In a country as drought-ridden and fire-prone as Australia, it is never too soon to teach children how to deal with fire. This attractive book should be in preschool and infant school libraries across Australia … I give it
a ‘good value’ and, in light of recent ongoing extreme weather, consider it timely.”
-Reviewed by Jennifer Rumsey for Buzz Words Magazine



Jellyfish wishes he didn't have to be a drifter.
Mussel wishes he didn't have to be stuck on a rock.
Can these two friends ever be happy?

“... The wording is playful yet evocative, particularly when Jellyfish describes to Mussel how 'sometimes the current took him where the sea washed warm and milky green over a garden of twisty coral,' and works best when read aloud, with the refrain of 'You wish, Jellyfish' sure to be a hit with the little ones. This is a gorgeous underwater road trip for ages two and up about accepting who you are and looking at life from a different perspective." Clare Hingston, Bookseller Younger Sun Bookshop, Yarraville. Junior Bookseller and Publisher Magazine


You Wish Jelly Fish
Illustrated by Lee Krutop
Ages 2-7 Paperback

Koala Books
ISBN: 978 0 86461 930 3


Can Marcus and Mary make enough sugarplums for the greedy King?
Dancing to the music from the Nutcracker Ballet, will the Sugar Plum Fairy be able to help them?

Hardcover picture book with bonus CD narrated by Antonia Kidman. Part of the new Music Box series by New Frontier Publishing

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Illustrated by Sarah Davis
Ages 3-7 Hardback
New Frontier Publishing
$27.95 ISBN 9781921042621

“ … The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy is a clever combination of classic fairytale storytelling and rich passages full of movement and sound …” The Reading Stack

“… I loved the touches of humour, the use of onomatopoeia, the repetition that cries out for children to join in." The Book Chook

“… Whiting’s characters charm and entrance … Sweet and magical.” Kids Book Review


A lift the flap book.

The family goes looking for animals ... but all the animals are hiding. Can you find the animals in this lift-the-flap book?

Looking For Animals

Illustrated by David Stanley
Ages 2+  Novelty book, paperback,
lift-the-flap  236x236mm,
24 pages, large gatefold flaps
Koala Books $13.99
ISBN 978 0 86461 736 7


Hugo and Millie were the best of mates.
They did everything together.
Then one day a funky beat came drifting in on the breeze.
Hugo's hips began to sway.
His mind jiggled.
And soon Hugo wanted to do nothing but ... DANCE!


"Elephant Dance is a beautiful picture book about friendship and compromise. the repeated refrain of 'boom-boompa-chee' will delight youngsters who will echo it during and after the story - when I read it to a class of year one students they wanted to boom-boompa-chee around the school for the rest of the day.

The illustrations by Nina Rycroft, are in beautiful pastels with the browns and greys of the elephants offset by rich orange and blue skies and green grasses. The music weaves through the illustrations on coloured ribbons, symbolising the way it drifts through the air carrying the tune from page to page and across spreads.This is a beautiful picture book offering." - Sally Murphy

"The result is magical. Boom-boompa-chee, the music calls the pages to life. Children from 4 - 6 years will love the story and pictures, while learning about being a good friend." Sandy Fussell, The Reading Stack

Illustrated by Nina Rycroft.
Ages 3 - 6  Paperback
32 pages   240mm X 260mm
Koala Books


What do you do when you have butterflies in your tummy, the ones that make you really shy, nervous and all a-flutter? One day a visitor arrives, who shows Tilly how to make those pesky butterflies be still.


“I was quite interested to come across this book which clearly fits into the bibliotherapy genre, addressing as it does the problem of free-floating anxiety, set within an appealing narrative and complimented by good quality design and attractive illustrations …” Barbara James, Magpies Vol 19 Issue 3, July 2004

“ …This is a fabulous story offering a simple method of dealing with nerves and shyness … It is a great book to read aloud and lets the listener join in with taming the butterflies. This is a story that children will want to read, or listen to, over and over again.” Kathryn Duncan

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Taming Butterflies

Illustrated by Mini Goss

ISBN:097509075 5
250mm X 250mm
Hardcover 32pp
New Frontier Publishing

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Integration Two
Procedure Writing
Verbs Worksheet
Jumbled Story

Elephant illustration


The night is filled with noises.
Crickle … Crackle … Rustle … Crunch …
Will Tiny ever get to sleep?
A delightful picture book that will appeal to both children and adults alike.

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Please Go to Sleep
Illustrated by Michael Mucci
Ages 3 - 6
ISBN: 1 876928 38 7
32 pages  Paperback
250mm X 250mm
Banana Books
Looking for a copy? I have loads! Send me an email HERE.
(Only $5.00 + postage!)


I have written numerous novelty books for The Book Company Publishing.
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